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Ratchet Tie Down 1.1/16"


● Inspect the Ratchet Lashing for damage before each use.

● Do not use if there are any signs of damage, e.g. cut webbing, hot surfaces, sharp edges and acids.

● Observe the Work Load Capacity on the label applied to the load mode.

● Tightened the lashing manually before using the tensioning device.

● Use corner protectors for sharp edges.

● Avoid excessive hear i.e. exceeding +100℃.

● Observe EN 12195-2:2000.


● This kind of products combining hardware fittings and lashing webbing with different capacity, suitable for fixing, binding and preventing loose.

● All kinds of hardware fittings have heated treatment and professional tested and the simple way operation can assured the safety using.

● Lashing webbing is made of high strength polyester yarn. It has low water absorption, adaptable for different environment. Each webbing has black strips on the surface to indicate      their breaking strength.

● Attention: Lashing systems should not be used for lifting of any objects.

● Material:100% High Tenacity Polyester Yarn.

● Width Available: 25MM to 100MM.

● Length Available: 1M-50M.

● Breaking Strength Scope: 0.4T to 10T.

● Popular Color of Webbing: Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green and Red.

● Standard: EN 12195-2:2000.


 Size  ITEM  Load Capacity  Break Strength  Webbing Width   Length
  1.1/16"  RTD30-0750  750KG/1650LBS  1500KG/3300LBS     30MM    4-12M


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