OEM Products

August 09, 2018

For these chain & rigging hardware, sometime people could bare judge where they bought from earlier. Since all these products are all manufactured based on the universal standard, so it would look almost the same no matter you buy from Amazon, or HomeDepot.

For the end users, sometime they would like to know who they bought from, when they want to purchase again.  Or the products have flaws during the usage.

For the distributors, having their own marking on the products would help a lot to expand their sales in their market. The brand marking is actually a symbol, a quality guarantee, which would help a lot on your brand advertising.

In order to satisfy the increasing need for these OEM products, we establish our own mould designing team to work on any markings you require.  

There are several major marking methods which are well used on chain and rigging hardware, such as embossing, stamping and laser marking.

Among them, the embossing one is the most popular type due to its clarity and exquisite.

So it always leaves a great impression to the end users.

oem products