Wholesale Market Project

August 09, 2018

In the beginning of year 2018, we started to work on Wholesale Market Project.

Unlike the bulk delivery orders, Wholesale market has their unique standard from the very beginning.

First, we would start to build stock!  Normally we would produce the products based on the actual quantity client needs, which the lead time would be 30-45 days.  But for the Wholesale, you have to shorten the production period, because their need would be quite urgent.  The end users cannot wait that long all the time, so you have to be prepared all the time, to be able to offer these products by using as shortest time as possible.  

In order to make sure, we just started our own stock system to satisfy all the urgent needs by making plans in advance.Second, the package.  For bulk delivery orders, you could pack 25-50pcs in one bag or carton, because they would be re-packed before they are sold to end users.  But for Wholesale, they are sold directly in the supermarket, so the package would have to be very secure and attractive.  So we expanded our own packing department, and bought several new machines.  Now we are able to provide you unit product with label on it, blister package, and bag package.  

We also have team working on designing advertising context on the out package card or the carton.

Now our Wholesale Production line has already been operating perfectly for months, and the quantity is still increasing rapidly!

We would like to introduce me more during your visit!  

If you have any doubts or need anything, please always let us know  sales@qd-powerful.com!