YC Standard Beam Clamp
YC Standard Beam Clamp
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YC Standard Beam Clamp

YC ‘Standard’ Beam Clamp provides a quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting equipment, pulley blocks or loads and comes complete with a locking device, it is ideal for affixing hoists, pulleys and loads. The unit offers flexible applications, due to the wide adjustment range. The central threaded spindle allows easy attachment and a safe and secure grip to the beam flange.

Products Introduction



Beam clamp model YC

Working Load Limited (WLL): 1-10T

Flexible application based on wide adjustment range.

The spindle can be secured against loosening.

Option, small dimensions for applications at beams with low base height.

Overload is prohibited.


Item No. Model WLL Jaw Opening Weight
    (tonnes) (mm) (kg)
PFBCYC01 YC1 1 75-220 3.8
PFBCYC02 YC2 2 75-220 4.6
PFBCYC03 YC3 3 80-320 9
PFBCYC05 YC5 5 80-320 11
PFBCYC10 YC10 10 90-320 16
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