1 Ton Round Sling – Violet Endless Lifting Sling 1000KG
1 Ton Round Sling – Violet Endless Lifting Sling 1000KG
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1 Ton Round Sling – Violet Endless Lifting Sling 1000KG

WLL 1ton round slings designed specifically for lifting applications. Constructed from 100% polyester these round lifting slings are color coded to instantly identify the working limit plus also have one stitched stripe per ton for additional identification. This sling is ideal for lifting, towing or pulling.

The endless lifting sling is made up with a seamless outer polyester cover and a core produced from a continuous hank of high-tenacity polyester. They are softer than duplex slings and kinder to delicate surfaces.

Products Introduction
• 1000kg Working Load Limit (WLL)
• 100% high tenacity polyester of our sleeve and inner core
• With two ply woven heavy duty outer sleeve
• Effective working length available: 1m to 20m
• Safety factor available: 5:1 6:1 7:1 8:1
• According to EN1492
• Strong, flexible & lightweight
• Lighter than chain & less likely to cause damage
• Easy to inspect for damage
• High resistance to abrasion
• Shock absorbing
Item No. Length Colour W.L.L. Weight
  m   TON Kg
PFRS1T-1 1 Violet 1 0.3
PFRS1T-2 2 Violet 1 0.6
PFRS1T-3 3 Violet 1 0.9
PFRS1T-4 4 Violet 1 1.15



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